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Forged in the caverns of Red Mountain,
ensouled by forces we don't even understand,
crafted to fulfill my will,
created to complete this mortal world!


Arise my numidium,
arise from the flames where you were born,
a giant made of steel and flesh,
the final piece of my masterplan!

They will they see their temples collapsing,
under your mighty fist,
They will see how their false deities,
will be powerless like Guars!

What the Dwemer once began,
I will now fulfill,
Vvardenfell awake,
your time has come!

Thousands of Years ago
there was a god called Lorkhan...

He gave us our home Nirn and was therefore punished by death
his heart was ripped out and thrown to our holy Red Mountain.
There now lies the power of the greatest of gods,
which will be reborn in a shape of a huge warrior
in the shape of my Akhulakan!

Arise! Arise! Akhulakan!

Hundreds of years my people suffered under a dictate of a false Tribunal,
Ripping away our culture, religion and roots.
Its now time to fight back and take what is ours!

Crush them, trample them down.
Leave their temple in ruins!
Leave their cities burning!
Leave their priests crying!

The Dwemer once had a dream,
But I made you a reality!


from The Awakening, released October 2, 2015



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