Kagrenacs Greed

from by Ashes of Dagoth

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Deep inside red mountain
we all faced our fate.
After hundred years of peace, the dark claw grabs for Vvardenfell.
War! We march towards the final battle,
at the gates of Dumacs citadel

Lord of gears, master of steam,
Dumac the wise, Dumac the traitor!

Chimer, Dwemer and the Nords
standing in front of each other
A cry of hate howls through the field
the ground`s shaking by their trampling.

Kagrenac, by his side Dumac, waits in the heartchamber
When Indoril and Dagoth enter it.
Their aim gets nearer and nearer, Dumac in front of their eyes
They take their blades ready, oh what a step.

Back to the field of decision, the dwemer fight well.
The chimer fall back step by step.
Their frontline shattered by the stout Dwemer
corpses and smashed bodies fall to ground

Suspense fills the chamber
in his despair Kagernac hastes to the heart
he targets on the heart and is successful
a whole race annihilated at one blow

Now silence spreads
the eternal thirst for power became their doom
a whole race annihilated at one blow
their doom...


from The Awakening, released October 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Ashes of Dagoth Germany

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