The Awakening

by Ashes of Dagoth

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released October 2, 2015



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Track Name: Akulakhan
Forged in the caverns of Red Mountain,
ensouled by forces we don't even understand,
crafted to fulfill my will,
created to complete this mortal world!


Arise my numidium,
arise from the flames where you were born,
a giant made of steel and flesh,
the final piece of my masterplan!

They will they see their temples collapsing,
under your mighty fist,
They will see how their false deities,
will be powerless like Guars!

What the Dwemer once began,
I will now fulfill,
Vvardenfell awake,
your time has come!

Thousands of Years ago
there was a god called Lorkhan...

He gave us our home Nirn and was therefore punished by death
his heart was ripped out and thrown to our holy Red Mountain.
There now lies the power of the greatest of gods,
which will be reborn in a shape of a huge warrior
in the shape of my Akhulakan!

Arise! Arise! Akhulakan!

Hundreds of years my people suffered under a dictate of a false Tribunal,
Ripping away our culture, religion and roots.
Its now time to fight back and take what is ours!

Crush them, trample them down.
Leave their temple in ruins!
Leave their cities burning!
Leave their priests crying!

The Dwemer once had a dream,
But I made you a reality!
Track Name: Kagrenacs Greed
Deep inside red mountain
we all faced our fate.
After hundred years of peace, the dark claw grabs for Vvardenfell.
War! We march towards the final battle,
at the gates of Dumacs citadel

Lord of gears, master of steam,
Dumac the wise, Dumac the traitor!

Chimer, Dwemer and the Nords
standing in front of each other
A cry of hate howls through the field
the ground`s shaking by their trampling.

Kagrenac, by his side Dumac, waits in the heartchamber
When Indoril and Dagoth enter it.
Their aim gets nearer and nearer, Dumac in front of their eyes
They take their blades ready, oh what a step.

Back to the field of decision, the dwemer fight well.
The chimer fall back step by step.
Their frontline shattered by the stout Dwemer
corpses and smashed bodies fall to ground

Suspense fills the chamber
in his despair Kagernac hastes to the heart
he targets on the heart and is successful
a whole race annihilated at one blow

Now silence spreads
the eternal thirst for power became their doom
a whole race annihilated at one blow
their doom...
Track Name: Dreams of flesh and blood
A storm of ashes burning my skin,
I can't breath, I can't see!
"Where the hell Did I awake?"
Blinded by red dust I can't see but a blurred scheme of a tall man,
"Tell me, where am I?"

You are where the sun never rises, where no ligths but fire shine,
where the rotten stenge of dead flesh corrupts you mortal mind,
You are caught in a cruel nightmare, infected by the bligth.
Don't fear, you'll suffer at first but then become divine.

Your skin will dry and break , you flesh will fall apart
you change slowly into a distorted monster,
Tentacles growing out of your face,
breaking your jaw and blinding you forever
Yet you will see the last and only truth

As soon as you awake, you shall be called son of Veloth!
Claim our throne and ring the bells of the mighty sixth House!
As soon as you awake, you shall be called son of Veloth!
Claim our throne and ring the bells of the mighty sixth House!

Dreams of flesh and blood...
Track Name: Dagoth Ur
"Welcome, Moon-and-Star, to this place where destiny is made"

The time has come when Dagoth Ur and Nerevar finally meet
at a place where history has been written
Dagoth Ur shines in all his new might
taken parts of its divine essence and power from the heart
to be reborn to a new incarnation

The final duel at Red Mountain has begun
a duel influencing the following time and its fate

Both are standing in front of each other in the heart chamber
a place once belonging to the Dwemer
and once known as Vvardenfell
Now taken by the Sixth House

How will the fate of Tamriel will be decided
For Dagoth Ur – The total domination of Tamriel
and the enslavement of all
or for Nerevar – he who will liberate us all from the threatening Divine Disease

Both take their weapons, get ready for this glorious final duel...

"You are the challenger. To you goes the first blow"